System Manual

Version 1.1
Released 25/11/12

New Features

  • Added hub menu.
  • Added option to switch between menu types.
  • Added links and credits screens to the popup menu.
  • Added ability to perform HUD commands with gestures.
  • Added two new Homing Attack target types:
    THW-TARGET-A-C: Avatars will only perform a trick, no bounce upwards.
    THW-TARGET-A-D: Avatars will only bounce upwards, no tricks.
  • Added new trick animation to the Homing Attack.
  • Added new chain-combo particle effect to the Homing Attack.
  • Added param_homing_attack_range.
  • Added param_homing_attack_combo_effects.
  • Added sound_homing_attack_hit and volume_homing_attack_hit.
  • Added Homing Attack Combo Effects prim to Spin Actions attachment.
  • Added ability for Quick Step motion blur effect to be triggered by future actions.
  • Added param_spin_jump_sound. This allows the spin jump sound to play even when the effects are turned off.
  • Added param_spin_dash_air_timeout.
  • Added param_spin_dash_tap_to_cancel.
  • Added param_spin_dash_infinite_duration.
  • Added sound_spin_dash_loop and volume_spin_dash_loop.
  • Added additional support for future actions.
  • Added first-run hub screen.


  • Updated Homing Attack detection and collision code.
  • Changed param_homing_attack_chains to param_homing_attack_combo_sounds.
  • Changed sound_homing_attack_painter to sound_homing_attack_painter_UUID.
  • Decreased default volume_landing from 0.6 to 0.3.
  • Increased param_boost_speed maximum from 9.0 to 12.0.
  • AO now turns on after resetting the HUD.
  • Updated several messages to make them easier to understand.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Homing Attack jamming the AO off.
  • Fixed Homing Attack targeting THW-NOLOCK targets when in modes 4 and 5.
  • Fixed Air Attack not always stopping when flying.
  • Fixed Spin Dash charging animation getting stuck when toggling actions.
  • Fixed param_homing_attack_painter not working.
  • Fixed param_homing_attack_mode not working when set to 0.
  • Fixed sound_landing playing when attacking targets with the Homing Attack.
  • Fixed Sit Override AO Module highlighting when disabled.
  • Fixed AO Module turning incorrect colour after a reset.
  • Fixed Spin Dash not cancelling when flying.

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